World Masters Games Rowing

2017 World Masters Games - Rowing Regatta

Date: Mon 24th - Fri 28th April , 2017
Venue: Lake Karapiro
Regatta Events
#CodeTitleEntriesTypeGenderBoat TypeSeatsDistance 
201M AS 1xPara Mens Arms and Shoulders A-K Single Scull1MastersMaleSculling11000M
151M AS 500 1xPara Mens Arms Only A-B Single Scull1MastersMaleSculling1500M
152M LTA 1000M 2xPara Mens LTA Double Scull3MastersMaleSculling21000M
202M LTA 1xPara Mens Leg, Trunk and Arms Single Scull5MastersMaleSculling11000M
111MA 1xMens A Single Scull17MastersMaleSculling11000M
170MA 2-Mens A Coxless Pair8MastersMaleSweep21000M
464MA 2xMens A Double Scull11MastersMaleSculling21000M
216MA 4+Mens A Coxed Four5MastersMaleSweep41000M
403MA 4-Mens A Coxless Four3MastersMaleSweep41000M
306MA 4xMens A Quadruple Scull5MastersMaleSculling41000M
473MA 8+Mens A Eight2MastersMaleSweep81000M
173MB 1xMens B Single Scull26MastersMaleSculling11000M
308MB 2-Mens B Coxless Pair9MastersMaleSweep21000M
222MB 2xMens B Double Scull15MastersMaleSculling21000M
360MB 4+Mens B Coxed Four5MastersMaleSweep41000M
463MB 4-Mens B Coxless Four3MastersMaleSweep41000M
410MB 4xMens B Quadruple Scull10MastersMaleSculling41000M
119MB 8+Mens B Eight3MastersMaleSweep81000M
313MC 1xMens C Single Scull37MastersMaleSculling11000M
467MC 2-Mens C Coxless Pair12MastersMaleSweep21000M
116MC 2xMens C Double Scull29MastersMaleSculling21000M
416MC 4+Mens C Coxed Four12MastersMaleSweep41000M
366MC 4-Mens C Coxless Four15MastersMaleSweep41000M
221MC 4xMens C Quadruple Scull12MastersMaleSculling41000M
176MC 8+Mens C Eight8MastersMaleSweep81000M
471MD 1xMens D Single Scull40MastersMaleSculling11000M
411MD 2-Mens D Coxless Pair18MastersMaleSweep21000M
368MD 2xMens D Double Scull26MastersMaleSculling21000M
315MD 4+Mens D Coxed Four14MastersMaleSweep41000M
169MD 4-Mens D Coxless Four12MastersMaleSweep41000M
114MD 4xMens D Quadruple Scull23MastersMaleSculling41000M
228MD 8+Mens D Eight10MastersMaleSweep81000M
415ME 1xMens E Single Scull43MastersMaleSculling11000M
218ME 2-Mens E Coxless Pair15MastersMaleSweep21000M
165ME 2xMens E Double Scull32MastersMaleSculling21000M
312ME 4+Mens E Coxed Four17MastersMaleSweep41000M
115ME 4-Mens E Coxless Four14MastersMaleSweep41000M
369ME 4xMens E Quadruple Scull11MastersMaleSculling41000M
474ME 8+Mens E Eight12MastersMaleSweep81000M
223MF 1xMens F Single Scull51MastersMaleSculling11000M
409MF 2-Mens F Coxless Pair15MastersMaleSweep21000M
310MF 2xMens F Double Scull32MastersMaleSculling21000M
465MF 4+Mens F Coxed Four11MastersMaleSweep41000M
109MF 4-Mens F Coxless Four16MastersMaleSweep41000M
365MF 4xMens F Quadruple Scull25MastersMaleSculling41000M
175MF 8+Mens F Eight12MastersMaleSweep81000M
364MG 1xMens G Single Scull21MastersMaleSculling11000M
108MG 2-Mens G Coxless Pair6MastersMaleSweep21000M
309MG 2xMens G Double Scull22MastersMaleSculling21000M
164MG 4+Mens G Coxed Four7MastersMaleSweep41000M
225MG 4-Mens G Coxless Four15MastersMaleSweep41000M
469MG 4xMens G Quadruple Scull9MastersMaleSculling41000M
418MG 8+Mens G Eight9MastersMaleSweep81000M
167MH 1xMens H Single Scull21MastersMaleSculling11000M
302MH 2-Mens H Coxless Pair9MastersMaleSweep21000M
408MH 2xMens H Double Scull13MastersMaleSculling21000M
105MH 4+Mens H Coxed Four8MastersMaleSweep41000M
213MH 4-Mens H Coxless Four8MastersMaleSweep41000M
460MH-K 4xMens H-K Quadruple Scull11MastersMaleSculling41000M
370MH-K 8+Mens H-K Eight6MastersMaleSweep81000M
101MI 1xMens I Single Scull7MastersMaleSculling11000M
161MI 2xMens I Double Scull6MastersMaleSculling21000M
405MI-K 2-Mens I-K Coxless Pair2MastersMaleSweep21000M
304MI-K 4+Mens I-K Coxed Four3MastersMaleSweep41000M
214MI-K 4-Mens I-K Coxless Four3MastersMaleSweep41000M
102MJ 1xMens J Single Scull2MastersMaleSculling11000M
162MJ-K 2xMens J-K Double Scull-MastersMaleSculling21000M
103MK 1xMens K Single Scull3MastersMaleSculling11000M
351PARA 1xPara Mens Single Scull All Clasifications (Ex Race6MastersMaleSculling11000M
451PARA LTA 2x 50%Para Mens Legs Trunk and Arms Double Scull 50%5MastersMaleSculling21000M
113WA 1xWomens A Single Scull8MastersFemaleSculling11000M
359WA 2-Womens A Coxless Pair5MastersFemaleSweep21000M
166WA 2xWomens A Double Scull13MastersFemaleSculling21000M
462WA 4+Womens A Coxed Four3MastersFemaleSweep41000M
215WA 4-Womens A Coxless Four4MastersFemaleSweep41000M
412WA 4xWomens A Quadruple Scull1MastersFemaleSculling41000M
316WA 8+Womens A Eight2MastersFemaleSweep81000M
171WB 1xWomens B Single Scull12MastersFemaleSculling11000M
217WB 2-Womens B Coxless Pair5MastersFemaleSweep21000M
414WB 2xWomens B Double Scull13MastersFemaleSculling21000M
363WB 4+Womens B Coxed Four2MastersFemaleSweep41000M
307WB 4-Womens B Coxless Four6MastersFemaleSweep41000M
470WB 4xWomens B Quadruple Scull12MastersFemaleSculling41000M
118WB 8+Womens B Eight5MastersFemaleSweep81000M
311WC 1xWomens C Single Scull23MastersFemaleSculling11000M
106WC 2-Womens C Coxless Pair8MastersFemaleSweep21000M
224WC 2xWomens C Double Scull25MastersFemaleSculling21000M
466WC 4+Womens C Coxed Four7MastersFemaleSweep41000M
174WC 4-Womens C Coxless Four9MastersFemaleSweep41000M
417WC 4xWomens C Quadruple Scull21MastersFemaleSculling41000M
371WC 8+Womens C Eight14MastersFemaleSweep81000M
413WD 1xWomens D Single Scull24MastersFemaleSculling11000M
362WD 2-Womens D Coxless Pair11MastersFemaleSweep21000M
468WD 2xWomens D Double Scull28MastersFemaleSculling21000M
172WD 4+Womens D Coxed Four18MastersFemaleSweep41000M
112WD 4-Womens D Coxless Four12MastersFemaleSweep41000M
226WD 4xWomens D Quadruple Scull27MastersFemaleSculling41000M
317WD 8+Womens D Eight12MastersFemaleSweep81000M
367WE 1xWomens E Single Scull33MastersFemaleSculling11000M
163WE 2-Womens E Coxless Pair12MastersFemaleSweep21000M
110WE 2xWomens E Double Scull42MastersFemaleSculling21000M
220WE 4+Womens E Coxed Four13MastersFemaleSweep41000M
314WE 4-Womens E Coxless Four12MastersFemaleSweep41000M
472WE 4xWomens E Quadruple Scull31MastersFemaleSculling41000M
419WE 8+Womens E Eight10MastersFemaleSweep81000M
219WF 1xWomens F Single Scull17MastersFemaleSculling11000M
305WF 2-Womens F Coxless Pair5MastersFemaleSweep21000M
168WF 2xWomens F Double Scull31MastersFemaleSculling21000M
407WF 4+Womens F Coxed Four10MastersFemaleSweep41000M
461WF 4-Womens F Coxless Four8MastersFemaleSweep41000M
361WF 4xWomens F Quadruple Scull17MastersFemaleSculling41000M
117WF 8+Womens F Eight9MastersFemaleSweep81000M
458WG 1xWomens G Single Scull10MastersFemaleSculling11000M
159WG 2-Womens G Coxless Pair7MastersFemaleSweep21000M
358WG 2xWomens G Double Scull13MastersFemaleSculling21000M
107WG 4+Womens G Coxed Four5MastersFemaleSweep41000M
404WG 4-Womens G Coxless Four4MastersFemaleSweep41000M
303WG 4xWomens G Quadruple Scull11MastersFemaleSculling41000M
227WG 8+Womens G Eight6MastersFemaleSweep81000M
406WH 1xWomens H Single Scull5MastersFemaleSculling11000M
212WH 2xWomens H Double Scull3MastersFemaleSculling21000M
459WH 4+Womens H Coxed Four1MastersFemaleSweep41000M
160WH-K 2-Womens H-K Coxless Pair1MastersFemaleSweep21000M
357WH-K 4-Womens H-K Coxless Four1MastersFemaleSweep41000M
301WH-K 4xWomens H-K Quadruple Scull1MastersFemaleSculling41000M
104WH-K 8+Womens H-K Eight1MastersFemaleSweep81000M
210WI 1xWomens I Single Scull3MastersFemaleSculling11000M
401WI 2xWomens I Double Scull2MastersFemaleSculling21000M
457WI-K 4+Womens I-K Coxed Four-MastersFemaleSweep41000M
211WJ 1xWomens J Single Scull1MastersFemaleSculling11000M
402WJ-K 2xWomens J-K Double Scull-MastersFemaleSculling21000M
209WK 1xWomens K Single Scull-MastersFemaleSculling11000M
508X H-K 8+Mixed H-K Eight1MastersMixedSweep81000M
501XA 2xMixed A Double Scull9MastersMixedSculling21000M
523XA 4+Mixed A Coxed Four5MastersMixedSweep41000M
518XA 4xMixed A Quadruple Scull3MastersMixedSculling41000M
512XA 8+Mixed A Eight-MastersMixedSweep81000M
505XB 2xMixed B Double Scull13MastersMixedSculling21000M
527XB 4+Mixed B Coxed Four5MastersMixedSweep41000M
522XB 4xMixed B Quadruple Scull6MastersMixedSculling41000M
516XB 8+Mixed B Eight2MastersMixedSweep81000M
509XC 2xMixed C Double Scull27MastersMixedSculling21000M
515XC 4+Mixed C Coxed Four3MastersMixedSweep41000M
502XC 4xMixed C Quadruple Scull16MastersMixedSculling41000M
520XC 8+Mixed C Eight7MastersMixedSweep81000M
513XD 2xMixed D Double Scull38MastersMixedSculling21000M
519XD 4+Mixed D Coxed Four3MastersMixedSweep41000M
506XD 4xMixed D Quadruple Scull17MastersMixedSculling41000M
528XD 8+Mixed D Eight14MastersMixedSweep81000M
517XE 2xMixed E Double Scull48MastersMixedSculling21000M
503XE 4+Mixed E Coxed Four9MastersMixedSweep41000M
510XE 4xMixed E Quadruple Scull24MastersMixedSculling41000M
524XE 8+Mixed E Eight13MastersMixedSweep81000M
525XF-G 2xMixed F-G Double Scull62MastersMixedSculling21000M
507XF-G 4+Mixed F-G Coxed Four15MastersMixedSweep41000M
514XF-G 4xMixed F-G Quadruple Scull32MastersMixedSculling41000M
504XF-G 8+Mixed F-G Eight13MastersMixedSweep81000M
521XH-K 2xMixed H-K Double Scull15MastersMixedSculling21000M
511XH-K 4+Mixed H-K Coxed Four3MastersMixedSweep41000M
526XH-K 4xMixed H-K Quadruple Scull5MastersMixedSculling41000M